Welcome to The Victory Bank - Custom Built to be Different.

Welcome to The Victory Bank - Custom Built to be Different. Victory Bank

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The Victory Bank was built from scratch by a team of experienced bankers, and is owned and managed by several hundred local shareholders. We are not part of a financial conglomerate and we are not obsessed with growing into the biggest bank around. Our values-based company was started with the core mission and commitment to deliver a client experience unmatched in the banking industry, and our entire team is passionately focused on delivering on that promise, each and every day. That is the only reason why we are here.

We often learn about what our clients want by listening to their frustrations - when they receive mediocre service and incorrect information from a constant turnover of bankers they don't know, when they get stuck in a maze of banker voicemail, and especially when they feel they are being nickel and dimed by their banks with a host of account and transaction fees. From the start, The Victory Bank was designed to help you avoid these kinds of frustrations, and to deliver banking in a way that will exceed your expectations. Now you can deal with a bank that understands your financial goals and delivers the products and services you need with fairness, good advice, convenience, speed, responsiveness, integrity, and respect. You can deal with a bank that understands how to use technology so it actually improves your life. You can deal with a bank where real people who understand you and your needs make the decisions, and are available to you in a very personal way. We invite you to see for yourself what it is like to deal with a bank that is committed to you and to the quality of your experiences, so that you may personally enjoy...

The Business of Banking...Done Right.