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Just One Word! Victory Bank

Just One Word!

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012

Our bank President, Rich Graver held a sales meeting at 7:30 this Monday morning, and asked everyone there to write one word on a sheet of paper describing how they feel about The Victory bank, fold it, and drop it in a bowl. After this was done, we passed the bowl around, read the words aloud, reflected on the emotions behind them, and tried to guess who wrote each note. Yes, a lot of fun, and what we heard was inspirational, words like “proud, excited, awesome, and exhilarated.”

So, “How Come?” I wondered to myself this morning. We certainly believe in hiring people who enjoy a challenge and who take pride in doing things well, and our progress from an idea a few years ago, through the creation of a written plan, to raising capital, working in the trailer, moving into our building, and now growing to nearly $120 million in total assets and making a profit has been a fun ride! I believe people really enjoy being part of something that is successful.

But, I think these positive emotions are based on more than that. It is a true joy to work with people who are fundamentally good to each other, who believe in teamwork, and who get pleasure from doing things just a little better each day. We plan to continue on this path as the company grows and progresses. For me, in retrospect, I think I should have written the word, “grateful,” because that is how I feel about being part of The Victory Bank team.

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