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Posted on Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

My mind tends to work on business matters over the weekend, consciously or otherwise, and often come into the office with a lengthy agenda, and a lot of new ideas. Our usual Monday morning staff meeting was canceled because of attendance conflicts, leaving me enough time to catch up on paperwork, clear out unnecessary e-mails, and make some overdue telephone calls.

I will spend three hours this afternoon teaching the second of four sessions in our internal training program entitled, "culture and values." I developed this class about 15 years ago, and used it extensively as a means to personally teach our team members the company's stated value system. Essentially, we are trying to influence our team members belief system, and to explain why we believe what we do and why we choose certain actions. I have always found teaching this class to be challenging, tiring, exciting and gratifying. It's a chance for me to really communicate things I've learned and the values that I hold personally to everyone in the company-no exceptions-and also to get to know them in a much more personal way. I use problematic, hypothetical fact patterns as a basis to illustrate the key values of the company, but the best part of the class is when the students take over, telling stories from their own set of experiences, and arguing through possible solutions.

Maybe it sounds a little "geeky" that I enjoy something like this class is much as I do. I think I like it even better than playing golf! But most of the time, the opportunity to look more deeply into the character of our team members is an emotionally powerful experience, and one that intellectually validates everything we have been doing here at the bank.

So, it's a full day of getting organized personally, prioritizing the most important things I need to do and complete today, and for the week, making a stack of telephone calls and then an afternoon immersed in the value system of The Victory Bank. I'm pretty sure I will be tired when I get home!

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