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A New Kind of Bank

Posted on Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two years out since we formally opened, and nobody will ever be able to look back on these times and say it was boring! Our team arrives every morning filled with enthusiasm and energy, and most of the time it looks like they are enjoying themselves, despite some very challenging operating conditions and an uncertain national economy. We believe that most people intuitively seek challenge and respect and accountability, and these are the type of people we have recruited to be part of The Victory Bank team. They seem to be thriving on the challenges!

The entire point of starting a new bank was to create a place and a structure where we could manifest our belief system and values, a place where we could do things “the right way,” as we see them. We exist to serve the needs of our clients, to really help them and make their lives better. Maybe some would see that as a pretty “high-flying” goal, and might even scoff at the idea that a bank would choose to exist for that purpose, but guess what? Those people don’t work here, and I think it is fair to say that our clients are happy with how they are being treated and cared for.

These issues feel pretty personal to me, maybe because I am old enough to have experienced and remember (and to have participated in!) a business culture that was far more oriented to personal service than the culture we have today. Yes, I am referring to gas station attendants who washed windshields, checked tire pressures and engine oil levels, and shoe salesmen who measured our feet and brought out stacks of shoes to try on. And even doctors who made house calls! Contrast those experiences with our modern, highly-commoditized, bait-and-switch, self-service retail economy, and perhaps some of our motivations for creating a bank like The Victory Bank become clear.

Yes, our bankers are friendly, they answer the telephone in person and they make a sincere effort to improve our clients’ lives with every contact. And while all of that is important, our commitment to the client goes far beyond friendly service; in fact, it is a commitment by us to seek to understand our client’s needs and wants, an effort to “walk in their shoes,” to ascertain their deepest aspirations, wants and even their fears. It is a profound commitment, a promise to manage our business from a sincere, honest and empathetic perspective. The closer we come to a deep understanding of every client’s wants and needs, the easier it becomes for us to provide our clients the individual and customized banking experience they are truly seeking.

After two years, we have enjoyed watching prospective clients learn to trust us to do the right things, to give them good advice, and to help them in every way we can. Their reactions have been most gratifying, and have propelled our rapid growth on both the loan and deposit sides of our balance sheet. Their satisfaction and the referrals to other prospective clients have driven our business, and we have faith that this growth process will continue and will accelerate over time.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your banking needs and preferences. We look forward to serving you!

I love The Victory Bank!  This new website is amazing-- I feel right at home.  Keep the blogs coming!
Posted by Erica Speights on Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 2:40 AM

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